Pesel loan – is it possible to obtain it?

The Pesel loan is increasingly appearing in non-bank companies’ offers. People who need a quick injection of cash are looking for her. Is a Pesel number sufficient to use the loan? Is such a commitment safe and where to look for it? We answer!

What exactly does Pesel mean?


The Pesel number is a number that you will often enter on various forms and applications. It is needed when concluding contracts, when dealing with matters in tax offices and in many other situations. Because you have to give it so often, you may already know it by heart. However, do you know what the Pesel number means?

Pesel is an abbreviation of the Universal Electronic Population Register System. This number is assigned to every natural person. It consists of eleven numbers that specify the date of birth, order number, gender and control number. After this number in the said system you can read a lot of your personal data.

He collects information about, inter alia, the name, surname, citizenship, marital status, spouse’s name and surname, address of residence and ID card number. Any changes that occur in the scope of this data will be saved in the system.

However, only authorized bodies have access to the Pesel database, for example the police, guard, prosecutor’s office or other state administration bodies. Therefore, it is not possible for them to be viewed by unauthorized persons, for example employees of a loan company.

Is a Pesel loan possible?

Is a Lite loan possible?

Due to the growing interest in the non-bank loans market and irritation of clients for too extensive formalities, parabank companies are constantly creating new offers that are to convince clients to use their services. One of the entries that appears in their proposals are loans for Pesel. Can I take a loan at Pesel?

In principle, the Pesel loan is no different from a proof loan. Only the name differs. In practice, it turns out that when filling in the loan application, in both cases the same data must be provided.


The Pesel number alone is not sufficient for the lender to be able to conclude the loan agreement. Additional information is required, such as your ID card number, current marital status or income information.

So can you take out a Pesel loan? Pesel alone certainly not. Therefore, the Pesel loan slogan is in a sense an advertising slogan. However, this number will certainly need to be provided with other details in the application.

Pesel loan and extortion – how to defend yourself?

Lite loan and extortion - how to defend yourself?

Loan companies make sure that their services are as safe as possible. They must not allow loans to be taken by unauthorized persons. First, they would have a problem with recovering. Secondly, they would lose the trust of customers interested in their offer.

Unfortunately, despite many precautions, it is possible that a Pesel loan can be extorted. How is this possible? Contrary to appearances, it is not so difficult to get another person’s Pesel number. You do not have to worry, however, that someone after you give it to the loan company will make a commitment to you.

Each customer of a non-bank company must confirm the given data by presenting an identity document or by knowing its number. However, it may happen that someone uses a fake ID to take out a loan for you. How can you check if someone has taken your payday pay and protect yourself against such situations?

1. Try not to lose your ID card

1. Try not to lose your ID card

Identity cards that fall into the wrong hands can be used by some institutions to take out a loan. It can also serve as a model for people who deal with counterfeiting documents. So try to always have it with you.

If you happen to lose it, report this fact as soon as possible to the commune office, the police or the, and abroad also at the consulate.

2. Use the Safe Pesel service

2. Use the Safe Lite service

If you do not intend to take out loans in the near future, you can use the Safe Pesel service on It does not require logging in and costs nothing. Such a reservation makes it impossible to take a loan on the indicated number.

If someone tries to extort money from him, the loan company will receive an appropriate alert and consider the application negatively.

3. Activate BIK alerts

3. Activate BIK alerts

BIK Alerts is a service of the Credit Information Bureau addressed to individual clients. It allows you to set notifications that you will receive in the form of an SMS when someone monitors your data in the system.

If you are not applying for a loan yourself, on this attitude you will be able to conclude that someone is trying to use your data to extort funds and thus respond accordingly.

What do companies verify when granting a Pesel loan?

What do companies verify when granting a Lite loan?

As you already know, a Pesel loan is possible mainly in theory. Loan companies check a number of data before deciding to grant you funds. What do they most often verify?

  • The compliance of the data on the identity document with the data provided on the form;
  • The correct Pesel number, mobile number and e-mail address;
  • The fact of employment and the amount of monthly earnings;
  • The correctness of the bank account number;
  • A positive credit history and presence on the list of debtors such as ERIF or BIG.

Who can get a Pesel loan?

Who can get a Lite loan?

In practice, the rules for granting loans for Pesel do not differ from the rules for loans for evidence. Therefore, they can be received by adults who have adequate creditworthiness. The specific requirements for clients are defined by loan companies.

Do you know that…

No one can get a loan only for Pesel alone? If a company offers such a solution, it may be a phishing scam.

Pesel loans – where to look for offers

Lite loans - where to look for offers

If you are in a difficult situation and urgently need funds, and you are afraid that you will not get a loan due to entries on the list of debtors, look for a loan without BIK. These are loans that you will get even without a positive credit history .

Also browse Pesel loan offers, but only from proven loan companies.

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